Our Mission is to continue the fight against childhood cancer by spreading awareness, raising funds for research, and supporting children and families affected. 



Sweet Bree was the most kind, caring, big hearted child, full of life and love. Her smile is contagious and her personality would make you fall in love instantly… you didn’t have to know her personally to feel this way.

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By sending a Bree Box to patients, we hope to brighten a child's day. We will continue to share Bree's love to all the children fighting childhood cancer. We hope you feel Bree's LOVE!

Request a Bree Box for a child fighting cancer today!!


Bree singing Note to God - One of her favorite songs!

If only the world could have a big heart and faith like you, it would be such a better place for everyone.

Bree started singing this song when she was 8 years old. The song never left her and she continued singing it throughout the years. This video was taken in the chapel at St Jude Children's Research Hospital in between doctors appointments. 

Bree opens up and sings Pricetag at the target house!

Breanna meets Jacob Karam for the first time. She starts singing, he starts playing the piano... they both immediately have a beautiful bond.

I shared the video as a proud mom moment. Not only did it touch my heart but it went viral. This story touched thousands and was even published in Sports Illustrated. The video is also in the college football hall of fame in Atlanta, GA for one of the most heart felt videos for 2013 college football.